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    Description: Facebook's video viewer statistics were false, but led to disastrously bad decisions by advertisers and media companies.
  2. Date: 2020-02-15T04:59:00
    false (fôls) adj. fals·er, fals·est 1. Contrary to fact or truth: false tales of bravery. 2. Deliberately untrue: delivered false testimony under oath. 3. Arising from mistaken ideas: false hopes of writing a successful novel. 4. Intentionally deceptive: a suitcase with a false bottom; false promises ...
  3. Date: 2020-02-22T16:58:48Z
    President Donald Trump made 56 false claims last week -- repeating one of his conspiracy theories about the 2016 election, promoting new fiction about impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and inflating his accomplishments and his standing in the polls.
  4. President Trump blasted “Mini Mike Bloomberg” over his campaign ad blitz on Monday, accusing the former New York mayor's presidential campaign of “false advertising” on health care while defending his administration’s record.
  5. Date: 2020-02-19T10:09:00
    False definition is - not genuine. How to use false in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of false.
  6. Date: 2020-02-19T23:51:00
    Synonyms for false at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for false.
  7. Kristaps Porzingis stopped short of saying he was ready to return from a right knee issue that has sidelined him for 10 games because the Dallas Mavericks forward was a late scratch the last time he thought he was close.
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    Description: With so much false information circulating about the coronavirus outbreak, health officials are trying to set the record straight. Here's why that can backfire.
  9. Date: 2020-02-20T00:38:00
    False definition, not true or correct; erroneous: a false statement. See more.
  10. Short-seller reached out to safety agency.
  11. Date: 2020-02-10T22:01:00
    false definition: 1. not real, but made to look or seem real: 2. not true, but made to seem true in order to deceive…. Learn more.
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    Description: The state will also pay $100,000 to Kenneth Caban Gonzalez, who was wrongfully arrested on charges that he provided false documents with his driver’s license application.
  13. The Kremlin said on Friday that allegations from U.S. intelligence officials that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election campaign and trying to boost President Donald Trump's re-election chances are false and the result of paranoia.
  14. Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of deliberately spreading false accusations that Gabbard is a Russian asset in a lawsuit seeking upwards of $50 million in damages.
  15. Date: 2019-12-21T17:27:24Z
    President Donald Trump made 99 false claims over the two weeks that ended last Sunday.
  16. Date: 2020-02-17T22:10:00
    At her invitation he outlined for her the succeeding chapters with terse military accuracy; and what she liked best and best understood was avoidance of that false modesty which condescends, turning technicality into pabulum. Of a state in Boolean logic that indicates a negative resultUttering falsehood; dishonest or deceitful.
  17. Date: 2020-01-19T12:42:02Z
    President Donald Trump made just 15 false claims two weeks ago, a holiday week during which he uttered few public remarks.
  18. The parents of Chloe Wiegand, the Indiana toddler who fell to her death from the open window of a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico, say it was ‘physically impossible’ to blame the child’s grandfather.
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    Description: On the day of the Iowa caucuses, the video platform rolled out a complete policy of how it plans to handle false election content.
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