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  1. Date: 2019-11-12T17:38:00
    With the United States presidential elections a little over a year away, EI’s largest U.S. affiliate, the National Education Association (NEA), has set out proposals for a strategy to invest $60 million into a campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama.
  2. Date: 2020-02-18T08:09:00
    John Tierney:. How can you claim the moral high ground when you’re denying him a chance to escape to a better private school? Well, the public system did lose $4,400, but that’s actually $1,000 less than the cost of educating the average student and there was one pupil fewer to teach.
  3. Date: 2019-12-13T18:14:00
    Today, teachers across the Chicago Public Schools system are on strike: almost 30,000 staffers from almost 700 schools. After months of stalled negotiations with CPS bigwigs, the time came to take to the streets.
  4. Date: 2019-12-13T02:21:00
    From the Chicago Teacher's Union website: The Chicago Teachers Union is currently on the front lines of a fight to defend public education. On one side the 30,000 members of the CTU have called for a contract that includes fair compensation, meaningful job security for qualified teachers, smaller class sizes and a better…
  5. Date: 2019-10-21T08:52:00
    7 posts published by jd2718 during February 2011. by Arjun Janah, Brooklyn, February 26th, 2011. In 1959, Wisconsin became the first U.S. state to grant municipal employees and teachers the right to bargain collectively for wages and benefits.
  6. Date: 2019-11-21T08:48:00
    by Arjun Janah, Brooklyn, March 9, 2011. In Wisconsin, teachers stood For weeks in snow, misunderstood. And other workers stood beside. They said, “The truth, you cannot hide!”
  7. Date: 2019-12-11T23:45:00
    There was a 9-day strike that year which reduced secondary class size from 35 to 32 students per class. In the late 70’s, I became directly involved in CTA as an organizer of substitute teachers in both Richmond and Oakland where the bargaining units were legally expanded to include per diem employees.
  8. Date: 2020-01-14T19:00:00
    The Madison City Clerk’s office has posted Pre-Special Election Campaign Finance Information for the 5/24/2005 Referenda:. Get Real PAC: $2,636.00 Raised PDF> ; Madison Cares: 33,483.31 PDF>; $15,580.31 Raised before the filing deadline + Late Contributions of $500 from Carstensen for School Board, $1,000 from Wisconsin Teachers Solidarity Fund, 1,500 from the Carpenters & Joiners Local no ...
  9. Date: 2020-01-06T00:06:00
    Coalition for Education Justice to Release Report on CRE. Eighty-five percent of public school students in New York City are Black, Latinx, or Asian and yet most go to schools where the curriculum they are taught does not reflect their cultures, histories, or experiences.
  10. Date: 2020-01-06T02:45:00
    Financial Crisis » Algeria: Bouteflika: Determined Against Youth Unemployment » Bankster Economist Heralds Third World Hellholes » Economic Downturn at End of 2010 Was Biggest Drop in GDP in 2 Years
  11. Date: 2019-11-22T17:09:00
    Oakland Education Association November 10, 2011. Are you being asked to bubble in Scantron forms? Read this!
  12. Date: 2019-12-30T06:54:00
    Public schools, Education, edubloggers, privatization, daily posts from people who know
  13. Date: 2019-12-06T07:54:00
    10/11/2013 Union Central Bank ‘coerced’ to appeal vacation ruling 10/11/2013 ANC in bed with unions Ramphele 10/11/2013 Release SeaTac unions fail to live up to employment sta