Richard Granville, Chairman, CEO & Founder of Yippy, Welcomes You to the Cloud

FAQ with Richard Granville

Updated December 17, 2009

What is Yippy?

Yippy is the world’s first fully-functioning virtual computer that operates on a cloud-based worldwide LAN. Yippy is simply hardware mated to dynamic software set through a worldwide LAN using a virtual, ubiquitously connected web-based operating system. Tapping into the Yippy OS means virtually any computer, whether it is a PDA, notebook or desktop, can be accessed as if from a computer terminal.

What is cloud computing and why migrate to this operating system?

The word "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet and its computer network and infrastructure. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing technology which empowers users to tap into the "cloud" for all their computing needs. Cloud computing truly provides a paradigm shift in technology as users no longer need knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure as the "cloud" supports them.

How is Yippy a superior cloud computing OS vs. sector competitors?

Yippy is "skinny" website architecture which combines clean scripting with data-basing for one-time object loads and dynamic page loads. Because the pages aren’t constantly being refreshed, there is a significant reduction in bandwidth and server space and a reduction in load time for the user. Once the module is developed, fewer people are required to run the code.

With "skinny" architecture, low data transfer, and a code-light OS; Yippy runs at an estimated 75% below the cost ceiling of a website generated in a typical fashion. Yippy’s module-based system is constructed on a layered platform, making it possible for multiple functions to occur simultaneously. Yippy not only offers video, gaming, web browsing, and more; it offers them all at the same time if required. Each function is dynamically set into its own layer with overlapping controls.

What is your company’s mission and focus?

Our focus for the company is to achieve greater good of humanity through technology. Our goal is to bring joy to the world through unexpected kindness and charitable programs for the communities in need. We must stop the theft of a child’s innocence which is subject to untoward influence from web searches on unregulated search engines such as Google. Our first Yippy reiteration will provide children with a safe "cloud" environment where minors will not inadvertently or purposefully access adult content that could steal a child’s innocence before and after the age of reason. Our products and services are for those who desire a protected place in which to conduct computing and online activities through the .yippy VPN grid.

How will Yippy secure recurring revenue?

Recurring revenue is generated by unobtrusive ad programs that are strategically placed in the OS; driven locally on the device, even without Internet connectivity. Advertising impressions are demographically and geographically quantified by the user’s registration and extremely valuable to the bottom line post-hardware sale.

Below the surface, Yippy is an advertising vehicle as the consumer is exposed to not only ad banners in any array of IAB standard sizes, but also rich media advertising, video advertising, and in-player banner advertising delivered directly into the entertainment stream. All advertising is database-driven and fully customizable according to the needs of the marketer. Advertising can be delivered via geo-location or targeted to particular demographics according to the section of the site visited. For example, we can accommodate a client who wants to advertise only to visitors using Twitter or only to users who are interested in football. Time on-site statistics are also significantly higher on the Yippy platform due to the inherent enticement provided by the web-based OS.

Tell me about the Yippy video player?

The Yippy video player currently features 17 television shows with unlimited capacity for expansion. The television shows are data-based and run on their own advertising systems, allowing for targeted marketing. The video player object loads on site entrance only, and the content is controlled with a dynamically scripted interface. The Yippy player supports the capacity for shows to be controlled by trusted partners through a web-based upload form which is done via database queue within the dynamic code set.

How is the Yippy gaming application unique?

The Yippy gaming application uses a JavaScript controlled module platform which can be sized or closed within our module. The games can be embedded into Yippy’s JavaScript module directly from the developer’s server using object/embedded tags for flash games or JavaScript snippets for non-flash games. Alternatively, the games can be stored on the Yippy server and embedded locally as well. Audio within games is completely supported and graphics never degrade within the scripted platform. The Yippy site is fully SEO compliant and constructed in scripts which translate well for not only cross-browser applications, but also cross-platform. Yippy games will run perfectly from one’s home computer as well as a mobile device without losing function or quality.

When did the development process for Yippy commence and when will Yippy formally be unveiled?

Our project start date was September 2006. The majority of our employees previously worked for Micron Technologies and from the investment banking sector. We will be launching Yippy formally to the public by February 2010.

What do you project the future of Yippy to encompass?

During the course of 2010, Yippy will present its web-based OS to include social networking, full user interaction, customization, Microsoft Office-type applications including word processing and spreadsheet programs (i.e., Yippy users will be able to open a spreadsheet program through Yippy, create a document online, and save it to their Yippy storage bucket), tabbed browsing, customizable icons for favorites, web sharing and much more.

As netbooks and other web-enabled devices gain traction, Yippy will engage these customers by offering an executable download which will allow users to fully access their personalized Yippy OS from any manufacturer device. The user will have 5 gigabytes of storage as well as access to all of the Yippy applications.

Why do you think parents will flock to Yippy?

Parents will find this program a Godsend as Yippy will aid in parental control by limiting the access to the web with proxy controls for approved content only. I view this as similar to being in a walled garden with windows to the Internet. Gambling sites, pornography and web companies that have direct links to these types of sites will be blocked from the child’s version of Yippy. What does that mean for Google search? Google will be blocked. As parents see the usefulness of the Yippy OS, I believe caring, involved parents will gravitate to the Yippy solution. By adding Yippy phone options and GPS tracking, parents and their children can stay connected and parents will know where their children are by using these new dynamic Yippy hardware features.

When will parents have access to Yippy hardware?

Yippy hardware is under development and GPS-enabled devices will be available to the public in mid-2010. Yippy has been working with several manufacturers over the past 18-months to develop ubiquitously-connected hardware solutions that will take Yippy from the cloud-based software world to hardware. Yippy will be the first end-to-end computing solution to market with the child in mind from inception.